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Entire Guru - Advertise with Us.

EEntire Guru opens up a world of unlimited opportunities and is the best educational portal for building careers and assists in becoming proficient. The site provides a range of web banners, sometimes called banner ads or display ads, that are advertisements that appear on the footer, header, or sidebars on websites. They are the most popular kinds of advertisements.

What can we provide?


1. A microsite( website page or tiny website) was developed for the institute.

22. Responsive image presentation and inventive.

3. The promise of an increase in clicks and interaction rate.

4. Add an API that will send an immediate notification.

5.You can create or add your vedios or text to gain more audience.


1. Plenty of space to display third-party banners.

2. Algorithm to alter the placement of banners, only on the relevant websites.

3. Ad rotation policy ensures the advertisement and the frequency of those who look at the advertisement.

BENEFITS of advertising with us.

1.You can increase your conversion rate by getting more leads.

2.Your overall market visibility or brand awareness will increase.

3.Low entry cost makes it cost effective.

4.You drive organic traffic to your website.

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