School Transport Management System

With the help of school transport, the whole transportation system becomes so easy and convenient. Parents can keep track of the transport whenever their kids are on the buses or cars of schools.

Nowadays, schools are providing transportation facilities keeping in mind the security and convenience of students. School transport management software helps in tracking and covering the transportation module while maintaining details like vehicle name, transportation fees, route details, etc. easier for collection of fees and help teachers and students manage from homes to school. Looking for benefits? Here they are:

  • Addition or removal of bus routes
  • Maintaining detailed reports of all the drivers
  • Sending notifications to parents about the location of the transport
  • Helping in vehicle maintenance and fuel charges

Major benefits of School transport management system

  • It sends transportation alerts to parents - ERP transport management software :- allows parents to keep a live tracking record of the school buses or cars with the feature being mobile-friendly to keep an eye on the child. In case of emergencies also, parents receive instant alerts or updates via SMS. This keeps parents calm as they know that they will receive updates whenever their children board the buses.

  • Collection of transportation fees and administration :- The school transport management software helps not only in payroll processing but also in the collection of fees from students or teachers and anyone who makes extra uses of the buses. The admin gets to know easily about students who are left to pay and they can give notifications to those students.

  • Keeping transport attendance management :- The features of ERP transport management software vary with details of routes also. This is the time-saving way of keeping transport attendance where the system keeps all records once updated into it. All the duties are entered into the system making it easier to work.

  • Enhancing the safety of drivers :- It's not about students and teachers, but the safety of drivers is also a priority. The drivers also feel safe that their activities are being tracked by the school and in case of emergencies he can consult with the school.

  • Giving real-time information about students :- Adults are always aware of the locations travelled by students giving real-time information to parents. Real-time information from ERP transport management software is necessary for providing extra security and giving knowledge to parents regarding the route details. It is important in the digital era where delayed information is not accepted.

  • Going green :- This software is all automated saving a lot of paper with a smoother workflow. It also helps in reducing errors while making bills or payments.

All these benefits come with the software helping students and parents to a greater extent.

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