School Time Table Management System

Every year, the school administration must draft a new time table as per the required conditions. It is extremely challenging for the school administration to come up with the best time table every year.

In many cases, the school administration fails to create a good time table that is accepted by everyone. Due to this, the administration must come up with an alternative to create the best possible time table.

The school administration can make use of the school time table management system which completely automates the creation of a time table. It completely takes the pressure away from the administration for creating the best possible time table.

The creation of a time table through the software is very easy and is only a matter of time. The school administration can also create different time tables without much effort.

Benefits of using school time table management system

Here are some of the benefits of using school time table management software:

  • Online time table management :- With the help of this software, the school administration can create the time table and store it in the cloud. Due to this, every staff member can get their hands on the time table as soon as possible.

  • Faculty time table :- The school administration can create a time table for faculty easily. The faculty members can then view the time table through the mobile app as well. Managing the time table becomes so much easier with the help of this software.

  • Students time table :- Just like the faculty time table, students' time tables can also be generated through the software very easily. The school administration can generate the time table for the entire year in just a short amount of time. Based on the previous year report, the school administration can also do necessary changes for the comfort of students.

  • Classroom view time table :- This feature is for the faculty members to use only. It allows the faculty members to view the classroom time table of any date. This helps the teachers to be prepared for the day much before.

Features of school time table management system

  • Can create a time table easily and export it in excel format

  • Create a time table based on school working day

  • Include holidays in the time table

  • Edit the time table whenever required

  • Able to view time table through mobile

  • Can view the time table of any particular date anytime

  • Can create a time table for an entire academic year

These are some of the top features of  ERP time table management software . The software makes the process very easy allowing the school administration to focus on other things as well. The best thing about this software is that the time table can be edited anytime as per requirement. Every school must make use of this software for easy creation of time tables.

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