School Fees Management System

Erp Fee Management System Software means that your management becomes free of many of the problems - a lot more effective and convenient way along with free of the paper too. Such a management system makes your life easier compared to usual no matter in what terms you look at it.

There is no proof to say that Fee management is the most necessary task which is done by the school regularly. It is easy with the help of a fee management system where the school can be able to track the complete school fees students are paying. There was a time when such systems were not working and there were several mistakes involved in this sort of management. And there was no option rather than go for the manual way which consumes a lot of time. But now, the School fees management system has done school work easy

Explore the few benefits of the school fees management system -

  • Set up the fee structure

  • Check fee receipts

  • Manage fee such as dues, pending, paid, etc,

  • Check out fee defaulters

  • Giving access to school financers

  • Tax calculation

  • Generation of invoice reports

  • Syncing the payment gateways

Important or main features of the fees management system!

  • Accuracy in Fee collection :- In the Erp Fee Management System Software, you can manage student fees collection and also maintain the fees related data. You can check out the student wise total fee collected in the chosen range of data. This feature also allows you to display the total fee collection in some data range via cheque, cash, net banking, bank transfer, etc. You can even export the complete data to the excel sheet.

  • Fee management :- In this system, you can declare the sort of school fees in different terms like Stationery, exam, uniform, tuition, etc which needs to be collected from the particular year or semester. It enables you to define the fee groups as per the school rules and regulations and apply various fees defined to the students as needed.

  • Receive fee reliably :- The school fees management system evaluates the penalty and pending fee if any applicable to the chosen students based on the fee structure assigned. You can accept the fee payments from parents/students from different payment modes like bank transfer, cheque, cash, cards, etc. You can even collect the fee from many payment modes.

  • Fee master and configuration :- The fee structure as per year with the valuable data creation. Fee information is also circulated to parents with the configuration of many bank accounts with many types of fee configuration.

  • Transport fees :- Transport fees configuring and its collection is also managed with various types of payment modes - online or offline.

All these above benefits and features make these School Fees Management software effective and efficient.

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