School Dashboard Management ERP Module

The concept of a school dashboard management system is buzzing all over the educational institutions for some time today. Many top schools have already implemented this ERP system and have improved the workflow efficiency as well as the data management of students and staff.

There is no single doubt that the Dashboard Management for School ERP system can prove to be the most efficient tool to achieve higher productivity in terms of academics and scholastic operations of students.’

With the rising competition nowadays in the educational sector integrating the latest technology is the only single way schools can remain in the lead and top position. One of the best technology uses is in the dashboard management system forms that is the biggest tool that aids authorities in taking prompt decisions that are advantageous for school growth. The School ERP Dashboard Management system tool processes data and reflects in the statistics form in real-time.

Explore the few benefits of school dashboard management system -

  • Daily activities tracking :- All the activities going on in the school is tracked easily by the school dashboard management system. The administration just needs to click and all the results needed are displayed there.

  • Easy to check Students and teachers count :- The number of teachers employed in the school and the enrolled students is displayed on the school dashboard management system with the new entries and dropouts respectively.

  • Reliable Fees collection :- The total fees collected daily are displayed as well as within one click, the user can check out pending fees left to collect or check out fees details on it.

  • Attendance management :- Daily attendance of both teachers as well as students can be managed here in the ERP system. No need to take attendance manually and waste a lot of time.

  • Time-saving :- It saves lots of time of school administration as all the tasks which consume time are managed effortlessly with School management ERP.

All above are the main benefits of the School dashboard management ERP system. But there are many such like -

  • Automatic ID card generation

  • Financial fund management

  • Details information available with its statistics

  • Easy importing and exporting of data

  • Admission management

  • Eco-friendly by saving papers

And so on.

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