School Academic Management System

ERP academic management system is adapting to the modern and innovative techniques for handling systems like online examinations, grading of assignments, assessing of marks, digital report cards stored in the cloud-based software. It has made teachers and parents' discussion easier to judge their children's performance and academic improvement. It is not time-consuming and easy to process. This school academic management software helps in enhancing the performance of the schools with very minimum efforts.

Benefits of School Academic Management Software

  • Parents can have their own personal access :- Keeping parents updated about the career and progress of children is so important. It is now possible to take into consideration parents view points directly with the help of the school academic management system. EarlierParent teachers’ meetings were troublesome and many parents couldn’t make it to these meetings. School ERP system keeps tracking the progress of students and sends alerts to parents as well. This way they can keep track of a child's academic performance even in real-time.

  • Real-time notifications and updates :- With ERP academic management system, it ensures real-time communication between parents and teachers using live SMS and chats. They will get notifications about important school days events like annual day, cultural day, meetings etc. are given to parents through SMS or chatbots. Parents can use this portal for an effective communication with the teachers and school authorities through emails and voice messaging.

  • Easy access to report cards :- Report cards show the hard work of students and the preparation of manual-based report cards takes hours. School academic management software helps parents in streamlining the process of report generation using an interactive GUI. It has information available readily to students' performances and grades on the databases. Teachers just need little time for generating the report cards to be shown to parents and letting them know about the weak area of their child.

  • Online fees Administration :- Manual fee collection process is very hectic but now with the help of the ERP academic management system parents can pay fees using online platforms. This makes paying of school fees so much easier and convenient.

  • Anytime available students records :- Whether it's attendance, homework, or grades, everything can be recorded and analysed easily with the assistance of school academic management software. It helps teachers and school management in obtaining information easily and it reduces the workload. The database is designed in such a way that it provides information like exam grades, medical history, parental information, etc. Many schools also provide real-time announcements through SMS or chats.

All these above benefits and features make these School Fees Management software effective and efficient.

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